Mother Medicine:

Motherhood, digestion and hormonal health through the seasons of life

In this 1st intro class we'll explore:

An overview of the connection between our hormones and our digestive health at different stages of motherhood- from postpartum to menopause- and how this impacts our overall health

How Ayurvedic medicine helps deepen our understanding of digestion and hormonal health as they relate to our life-stages

Some simple and effective things we can do to cultivate healthy digestion and hormonal health at different stages of life as mothers

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    Meet Eden

    Eden is a mother, an Ayurvedic Practioner and an Innate Postpartum Care Provider specializing in intergenertional womb health and hormonal health. She loves supporting mothers with womb healing and hormonal health through their rites of passages into motherhood and menopause by drawing on Ayurvedic wisdom, Elemental Medicine and somatic movement practices. The programs she offers seek to create an inspiring and healing space for intergenerational wisdom to be shared among mothers and grandmothers at all stages of their journey.