Root & Rejuvenate

Sooth your Soul with Women's Elemental Self-Care for the Season

Root and Rejuvenate: sooth your soul with women's elemental self-care for the season

Shift into the fall season with some gentle, grounding, soothing, nourishing and inspiring rejuvenation. Join me for four weeks of Fall "rejuvenation" to nouriths you body, mind and spirit with grounding and nourishing food, movement, meditation, reflection and soothing self-care practices.

You'll be guided with soothing self-care, movement and meditation practices, seasonal recipes, reflection and the elemental medicine of Ayurveda for 4 weeks~ 4 classes (3 live sessions that will be recorded for you and 1 pre-recorded class) + recipes, journal promts, and inpiration!

All classes will be recorded

Our schedule:

August 27th Saturday 11am PST:

Reflect & Connect/ What the Eelements are Revealing to us about Deep Nourishment

September 3rd, Saturday 11am PST:

Tending to the Beauty and Balance of our Bio-Rhythms/ Aligning with the sun and the moon for hormonal health and well-being

Thursday September 8th Time TBD

Exploring the Elements of our Food & the Medicine of the Season

Sept 17th at 11am PST

Sensual Embodiment for Tending to our Digestive Fire and our Bliss

Join us!

We would love for you to be part of this nourishing journey!

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