Motherhood, Food & the Womb

Let's explore how to truly nourish ourselves at all stages of motherhood through our relationship with our womb, with each other and with the Earth

Thursday July 28th, 1pm PST / 4pm EST

We'll draw on Ayurvedic and ancestral wisdom on the womb, motherhood and food, as well as our own lived experience to explore different topics related to nourishing ourselves, our wombs, the Earth and our families, such as:

~ How our relationship with nourishment and food is formed from womb to now and why that matters

~ Re-claiming and remembering our connection with the Earth through our relationship with our womb

~ Nourishing our wombs and hormonal health at different seasons of life

~ Why nourishing the womb is so essential for intergenerational health and healing

~ How the universal laws of nature affect our womb at different seasons of life

~ How our connection with our wombs help us have deeper relationship with the Earth and with each other

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